You’re signing up to join a community thats working out at home and online together all over the world. Come as you are, wherever you are, ready to work! Choose from either membership program below to facilitate your best at home fitness results!

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Drop in for a single live bandtogether class. 

drop in


This is for someone who’s got their shit together! You plan your workouts around your schedule. You never leave the house without your trusty planner and you would rather pop into a livestream a la carte than commit to every single week.

Exclusive access to the bandtogether digital library. This library will continue to grow monthly and will include workouts in varying lengths, formats and focuses.



This is for someone who loves accountability, craves familiarity, and loves it when I shout your name out during a cardio interval. You want to work hard, and sometimes you can’t trust yourself to work your hardest without supervision. Because sometimes, sometimes you need a curly-headed short brunette yelling at you to pick up the damn pace! 

Exclusive access to the bandtogether digital library and weekly livestream workouts. These workouts will be recorded, and available for replay for the entire week by visiting the blog and choosing the appropriate post. The weekly live class schedule will change with demand and will be advertised weekly in the bandtogether hub.



30 min virtual


30 min in-person

55 min in-person

Still not sold on me? Already ALL IN or ALL ME and want a little more? Schedule an individualized virtual or in person private session.


Paula G.

It’s impossible to put in words how incredible and impactful the bandtogether experience has been. Kate created such a thoughtful program that will have long lasting effects, both physically and mentally, 

on the community that she built. The Band Together method kicks my butt and I just can’t get enough!