You know how you have that one person you can always call on? That someone who makes you laugh after your car was towed twice in one day (yes, this happened to me once). The person who never says no to pizza and listens without judgment? You can have that same feeling here, with me. Let bandtogether be your sure thing. Life is crazy. It’s full of ups and downs. So give yourself a guaranteed leg up. Sweat with us. Bandtogether is always in motion. Our classes are fusions of strength, pilates, and yoga. With minimal to no equipment, fifteen to fifty minutes, and easy to follow cueing, you’ll find yourself clicking play more often than you expected. Finding your fitness at home will completely change your perspective. You won’t struggle to make time to workout anymore. You won’t pack three bags for one day. Whether you join live or on demand bandtogether is designed to fit you.


Want what you want and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Sometimes the making it happen part is not a solo mission. Sometimes you need motivation, momentum, and accountability. Throughout your life, you’ll fall in and out of love with hundreds of things. Stop the trial runs, the “first class free,” and the coupon codes for mysterious energy powders. Let me help you find your movement. Injured? Pregnant? Nervous? Or my least favorite line, “so out of shape?” Join me for personalized private sessions with your goals in mind. Thirty or six minutes. Online or in person. Whatever you’ve got going on, let me go along with you.

private training

Ally B.

Her programs are unique and for all levels, never leaving anyone behind. Either in-person or virtually, Kate leaves you breathless but stronger than when you started!

Between her strength as a trainer, humor, and ability to cultivate a community, it's easy to become a Bandtogether fan.


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No fancy equipment, no crazy sequencing, no front rows

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