You’re not alone anymore, we’re just online! This is your hub for all things bandtogether. Pick a class, roll out a mat, and just click play. There’s a chance, a very small chance, you won’t love every class, but you will learn to love yourself enough to just keep moving. Afraid to commit? Who isn’t?! Try out one of my sample classes above. We’re all about working simple here. No fancy equipment, no crazy sequencing, no front rows. So what are you waiting for!? Click play already!


Alura C.

Who knew working at your own house could be so fun! I can't wait to see where bandtogether goes but I know I'll be following!

Do not think twice about this program. if you want to gain muscle, get toned, sweat MAJOR, and also be a part of a community this is your place. Each week I eagerly look forward to the two live class days. 

work with kate 1:1

Let me help you find your movement. Injured? Pregnant? Nervous? Or my least favorite line, “so out of shape?” Join me for personalized private sessions with your goals in mind.