Keep reading, and let me make space for you to move online, in person, anywhere, and everywhere. Welcome to bandtogether we’ve been saving you a spot!

Say goodbye to the eye rollers who hesitate to move their mat so you can fit in. You fit in perfectly with me.


I live to sweat and sweat to live. As a retired Division One athlete and full time fitness professional, I’ve simply refused to stop sweating, or to ever wear a real bra again. I believe you should love your workouts and yourself. While the later takes time, I’ll help you get there with a whole lot of huffing, a little bit of cussing, and enough sweat to rinse your hair nearly clean. I created bandtogether to perpetuate a group of strong, independent, badass women in Philadelphia, who found friendship together sweating all over the city. These women are a force to be reckoned with. bandtogether communalizes women of all ages from Philadelphia to the moon. We’re tough. We’re honest. We share ideas. We offer opinions. And we always have coffee before we workout. 

hey, I'm Kate

Paula S.

Kate is 100% the reason Bandtogether has become a staple in my routine, she is authentic, funny and legitimately kicks my ass every class. Her cues on form and what “sensation” you should be feeling are the best I’ve heard in group fitness especially in a virtual environment. I could go on about Kate and this program but really you should just come see for yourself, I promise you won’t regret it.

Bandtogether bands a multitude of fitness methodologies into one movement. Our classes focus on strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility. With a library full of focused sculpt classes, you’ll never lose the pep in your step. Choose the class that’s right for you, any day of the week. We believe in the basics; strength training, pilates, and yoga but our classes are anything but basic.